The Best Types of Gazebos for your Money


Gazebo is a perfect place for an outdoor family gathering. It is often built in a garden or a park. The structure is open on all sides and roofed to provide shade and shelter. These structures add beauty to your garden and also offer a beautiful place to relax and have fun. These gazebos can easily be customised by adding a lot of accessories such as flower pots, statues, benches, tables, etc. There are many designs and styles, and depending on your use and budget you can choose the gazebos. They are usually constructed with materials like metal, wood, or vinyl.


Metal gazebos:

Metal gazebos are used mostly placed in public places like parks, entertainment areas, outdoor concert, golf course, etc. They are very strong and last for a longer time. However, it is quite hard to assemble metal gazebos as it is very heavy.

Wood gazebos:

Wood Gazebos look very elegant and neat. The wood used in the structure needs to be treated to prevent insects from damaging the wood. Wooden Gazebos can be decorated with flower pots, and you can also place some furniture in it to relax.

Vinyl Gazebos:

Vinyl Gazebos are perfect for your garden as they require minimal space. It is maintenance free, and the material looks more like plastic.

The following are some of the best types of Gazebos:


Rotunda is a spacious, circular gazebo and consists of a ring of pillars that support the domed roof of the Gazebos. Its style originated in Europe and had become an architectural style even for buildings.

Patio Gazebo:

Patio gazebo is installed by bolting the gazebos to the ground. You can also bolt the structure into the floor, or you can cement the poles of the gazebos into the holes in the field. It is a perfect place for you to sit and relax and if you are planning to get one of these, then make sure that it is and strong and heavy enough to withstand powerful winds.

Portable gazebo:

The name itself suggests that you can carry the structure anywhere. The portable gazebos are extremely light and have attractive and compact designs. They are made with steel frames and have a thumb latch lock system. Many portables have UV protection, so you can place it anywhere and enjoy with your friends and family.

Tensile gazebo:

Tensile gazebos are perfect to enhance the beauty of your garden. It is very strong and lasts for a long time. The structure is also easy to install and is resistant to damage. You need not worry about the wear and tear or fading of the roof.

Temporary gazebo:

If you are looking for a gazebo which you are going to use for a small party or a photo-shoot session for a special occasion, then you can get these temporary gazebos. They are affordable and serve its purpose very well.