Everything you need to know about the history of Gazebo

Old Turkish gazebo. Intricately designd and well-preserved.
Old Turkish gazebo. Intricately designed and well-preserved.

The gazebo is a wonderful addition to your garden or backyard. Though you will see it in many houses today, it’s actually an old concept and people had it for a long time. Over the years, the structure and style have changed and its functionality has improved. It is sometimes called summerhouses as well. 

Old English gazebo.
Old English gazebo, charming and quaint, situated in the water.

How it started

In the beginning, it started as towers on the roofs of houses. It gave an eagle eye view of your surroundings and became the coolest place for relaxation. Later, after many years, people started to build it on the ground. It is said that the Egyptians first made the ground-based gazebos. It was used to grow flowers and plants.

Middle age

France had built gazebos at Louvre in the 14th century. The English people got influence from here and gazebos grew in popularity in England in the 15th century. It was mostly seen in the Elizabethan gardens where it was used for entertainment purposes. In late 1700, the Europeans started liking gazebos and these could be seen in many gardens. The Greeks used gazebos for public use and usually built it near the temple.

Early Persian and Eastern

Gazebos became a part of the outdoor landscape to the Persians. They had gazebos in their flower gardens. It was used as a place of relaxation and also to sign treaties or doing other important works. In Japan, these were used to organize tea parties.


Early Americans

Gazebos gained popularity in America in the mid-1800s. As the middle-class people became more prosperous, it could be seen in their gardens. After that gazebos somehow lost in charm in America, but then it came into existence again in 1930. At that time it actually became a status symbol.

Old gazebo at the park.
A serene place to be – an old gazebo at the park.


Today you will see gazebos in lots of houses. They are found in various sizes and designs. You can get round, square, hexagonal and octagonal shaped gazebos that are used for various purposes including arranging events.

white latticed sides gazebo
White latticed sides gazebo

In the past gazebos were primarily made of wood. Now different materials are used for its construction. In the 17th century, the Japanese and Chinese style gazebos were popular, especially in Europe. Now you will find modern designs that are beautiful and functional. Gazebos give you a place to relax and have some quiet quality time. Now gazebos are quite affordable. If you have an outdoor space, then you should have a gazebo to enjoy leisure time by yourself or with your family and friends.

An old wooden kitchen gazebo.
An old wooden kitchen gazebo.