Gazebo vs. Pavilion – What’s the Difference?

This bold and festively decorated pavilion is set up for an Indian wedding.
This bold and festively decorated pavilion is set up for an Indian wedding.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some space outside your house where you can spend some leisure time after work? Gazebo and pavilion are made for this purpose. These have been used by people for many years. However, in the past, it was considered to be an item of luxury. But today, even the middle-class people can afford it. The main reason is that these can be built from different materials. So, you can choose one according to your budget. Gazebo and pavilion are not the same things. Here we are going to discuss the major differences between the two.


Gazebo is a small area for family gathering in your garden or backyard. You can arrange small outdoor dinner parties here as well. It is possible to install an audio system and make it an entertainment center. It is a closed structure, so your parties won’t be ruined for the weather. Some gazebos are octagonal in shape and look round. Its roof is dome-shaped. It can be used as a greenhouse where you can grow plants.

White domed roof gazebo.
Dome-roof gazebo on water for a romantic dinner.




These are rectangular in shape. Its roof is very similar to that of a house. Like gazebo, it is also used for entertainment purposes. You can spend some fun time with your family members and friends here.One of the major difference between gazebo and pavilion is that pavilion can accommodate more people than a gazebo. So, you can easily arrange a wedding or other family parties. Nowadays, it is used as an extension of a sports complex where the players can spend some relaxed time in between their games.

Golden night pavilion.
Golden pavilion for a wedding event.

The ancient Romans, Greeks and the Egyptians used these structures for creating a quiet space outside their home. They used it as a greenhouse or for arranging different parties. Today, gazebos are more common than pavilion. One of the reasons is that pavilion uses up a lot of space and everybody doesn’t want a place for arranging big parties in their home. Gazebos are the perfect choice for those who are looking for an outdoor space to spend personal or family time; not for arranging big events.

Ancient Pavilions:

Grand Middle east pavilions made of stone.

Intimate Gazebos:


Whether you buy a gazebo or a pavilion depend on your purpose. It also depends on how much outdoor space you have around your house. You must do some thorough research before choosing one of these. Factors like budget, materials, and purpose must be considered before buying a gazebo or a pavilion.