Top 5 Best Gazebo Contractors in USA

Rustic wooden gazebo

Gazebos are very versatile buildings, ranging from public squares to musical concerts, or even a wedding ceremony when installed in private places. At the same time building one of these is not rocket science, is not so simple although. There’s a range of constructors or contractors to do the job in a single call, but how select who is the best among so many options? That’s why we put some information together on this article to give you some advice and help. Find five of the best gazebo contractors in USA:


  • Country Lane Gazebos: Based on his headquarters in New Holland, Pennsylvania, this wonderful company can build all kinds of pergolas, gazebos, pavilions and wooden cabanas too. With a very good range of variety in models and good prices (you can estimate it, and even negotiate the project), they are a league on their own. The materials used can be wood or vinyl, divided in octagon, oval, rectangular and large gazebos. Customization is also available.


  • Amish Country Gazebos: The Amish people are known by their God given gift of woodcraft, sculpture and carving. All these qualities are resumed in this company, which is based in Manheim, Pennsylvania. In this company, you can design your own gazebo from zero, but there is also a lot of models available, with variations on height, weathervanes, stain and floorboard, all with various options of color and sometimes even different textures. Pavilions and pergolas also can be customized as the client wishes. Prices ranges are not too high, with discounts of 20% to 30% in prices at hand for negotiation.


  • Lancaster County Backyard: Another company based in Pennsylvania, also owned by a amish-mennonite background from Lancaster County, this wonderful family company works with the best when it comes to gazebos, pavilions and pergolas. Founded in 1978, but working with backyard gazebos since 1987, the options are abundant. You have both ready-to-buy models or you can customize yourself. Gazebo building materials are divided in wood or vinyl, as the client wishes. Shapes can be octagon, oval, rectangular or dodecagonal for both options. You can quote the prices before buying and negotiation is always on hand to be done, as they are very familiar and kind hearted people.


  • Western Timber Frames: As their own motto says: “We believe in our products and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your outdoor living needs as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center“. They work with a large range of backyard structures, from gazebos and pergolas to bridges, breezeways, trellises, timber decks, etc. They have a special platform on their website for quotes, where you can have a preview of your own customized structure. Their gazebos are designed in kits, so they are pre built and them just set up on your place of choice, making the company very fast to work and also very practical.


  • The Gazebo and Pergola Factory: Based in the good old state of Texas, they are a family owned business that serves the community and surrounding states for 25 years with the best woodcraft work there is. Discounts are always available, and models have a good range of options to choose. Models are fabricated and priced here for size, going from 8ft. to 20 ft., this for octagon shaped gazebos. For rectangular and oval shaped gazebos, a different account is done, like simply add the length to the width and divide by two. For example, If interested in a 12’x16′ rectangle or oval, use the 14′ guide.